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Message from author Kenneth Trent

When I wrote 'In the Beginning - Building a Business without Breaking the Bank', my vision was to write a book that could use present day technology to help entrepreneurs succeed without investing a lot of capital in the early stages. The problem with technology, however, is that almost as soon as I write the book something gets outdated. To get around this, I chose to publish my book exclusively through Amazon as a digital eBook so that I could update the book regularly to keep it up to speed with changes in technology. To notify my readers of updates I've set up this simple email list. If you subscribe here I'll send you an email whenever the book is updated and I'll be sure to include the updates. That way you can stay up to speed with changing technology as well.

If you notice anything that isn't accurate while reading through the book I would also like to ask that you notify me at so I can make the changes to the book and keep it up to date. If we work together we'll all be better off.

Thank you for your support. I sincerely hope the content of the book enriches your life and helps your business grow.

Best regards,

Kenneth Trent
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